Vivo Arrive With a High-Sensitivity Camera in the vivo 15

OXO Viva 15 has all the features that you can expect from an affordable smartphone. It comes with Android OS 2.3 and it has the complete package that you can get from an expensive handset. The OXO Viva is a sleek and stylish smartphone that can be easily carried around with you. It has the all the necessary connectivity options that you can get for your daily dose of work. With OXO you do not need to go through complex network setups or mess around with complicated SIM cards. With the right OXO Viva deal you can get your hands on OXO’s international unlocked cell phones at unbelievably low prices.

The OXO Viva has a built in pop up vivo v15 selfie camera, this smartphone is launch few days after the Chinese firm has launched V15 Pro in India with some remarkable features. The OXO Viva comes with a standard camera on the back that enables you to lock the phone with just a slight friction of your finger. This helps to conserve battery power while allowing you to take several shots. The OXO also offers an OBB navigation system that helps in getting directions and finding locations. With a quadrant grip on the vivo v15 you can access most applications such as xerox pulse, google Maps and many others that enhance your mobility.

One of the most advanced technologies offered by the OXO company is the Live Photos feature in the vivo v15. With the help of Live Photos you can instantly set your current location, select your favorite photo and then save your picture in low light mode. This saves more power because the camera is able to detect the light and switch on the camera automatically when in low light mode. You can also preview your recent Live Photos on your google drive. The OBB uses the same technology as the iPhone and iPad and stores the photos in the cloud for up to two weeks.

One important security feature in the vivo v15 is the absence of the Face Recognition feature. The reason for this is that the Nokia 8.1 has a higher pixel resolution so the facial recognition performed by the handset is not accurate as the iPhone and iPad devices. The OBB uses a high contrast mode which offers you an enhanced viewing experience. When you connect the handset to a pc or smartphone you can easily see all your snaps in low light mode with the help of a bright background. This makes the device much more attractive to women who take pictures frequently.

In the case of the vivo v15 you get a huge jump in camera performance. The camera on the OBB has been developed by Nokia and is called the Flyme. It offers a high contrast mode and has also been designed in such a way that it offers you easy access to your recent pictures through its folders. In this respect the phone has also been compared to the iPhone since the OBB has a better camera and is capable of better image quality. The camera has also been made available in a high resolution mode so you can get professional results at all times.

With a high-sensor and f/2.2 lens on the rear camera on the vivo v15 you can shoot in a number of shutter speeds and modes. You can enable the motion sensor which helps in automatically taking a photo when you touch the rear camera button. The front and rear cameras are equipped with an iris which has an auto focus facility to allow for the most accurate picture capturing. The vivo v15 also offers you a unique feature called the pop-up selfie camera. With this unique feature the pop-up selfies are made easier and you can simply reach over and touch the subject of your choice to get a perfect shot.