Employee Meeting Agendas When Opening a Dollar Store


Clear, concise ongoing communication is extremely important to your success when opening a dollar store. There is so much information to be shared, yet so few opportunities to really do that. With the long hours of retailing and varied shifts of your employees it’s often easiest to ignore communication, or to just leave notes here and there about things that are happening. While avoiding communicating is not advisable, leaving notes, creating newsletters, and speaking with employees periodically all help. One of the most effective ways to have two-way discussion with employees is holding an employee meeting. But what do you discuss in those meetings? Read on to see some of the most important agenda items to cover in your meetings. In this article I review employee meeting agendas when opening a dollar store. collaborative remote team meeting

If you are opening a dollar store, one of the most important areas of concern will always be safety. You are concerned about the safety of all who enter your store. It doesn’t matter whether they are employees, customers, vendors or others you never want anyone to be hurt in your store. Be sure safety is the very first agenda items for all employee meetings. Positioning first helps to underscore your feel that safety is first.Store performance will be a concern to all who attend. While you may be hesitant to share everything about the performance of your store there are many operational indicators that can and should be shared. The number of sales made over a one-month period, the average sales size, cost-of-goods-sold, total employee absence hours (Never single out or discuss specific employee performance in public.) are good examples of the kinds of information employees want to see. Always show them the target goal for each and how the store is doing against that goal.

Use your employee meetings as a way to inform everyone about upcoming events for your store. This is the perfect place to get everyone excited about the next big event you are holding. Include enough details so they know what the event is, any activities that will be occurring, and other information. As you draw employees into helping prepare this information will make it quick and easy for them to help.Use a meeting with everyone in attendance as an opportunity to complete training on important topics that affect every employee. For example, customer service is a great training topic to include in every employee meeting. Imagine the impact that having everyone skilled at one more aspect of customer service can have when you are opening a dollar store business!If you are opening a dollar store it’s important to always allot employee meeting time for open discussion. Having open time will allow employees to ask questions and to provide ideas and suggestions to help the business. Employees who are heard and acknowledged will feel closer to your business and will feel a part of making it a success.


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