Addiction Treatment for Gay Men and Women in a Gay Drug Rehab

I currently obtained a call from a man who become interested in locating a gay drug rehab. He and his partner have been planning a wedding and notion it might be an amazing idea to get clean and sober earlier than going any further with their lives. After a few weeks in a homosexual drug rehab and, they agreed that the work they executed benefited them as a couple and as people. They felt geared up to begin the subsequent chapter of their lives.

I provide this situation due to the fact it is so specific from what I commonly see Clinica de ReabilitaĆ§Ć£o em SP. In my intervention work I have found—whether they’re lesbian, gay, or immediately—that only a few people in a courting with a drug addiction or alcohol dependancy are seeking addiction remedy previous to getting married. Most continue with their drug dependancy and alcoholism in denial and hoping matters will get better. Needless to say, matters hardly ever get higher as the drug addiction or alcoholism becomes greater modern.

It is hard to transport forward in any courting while drug dependancy or alcoholism are present as conversation starts to interrupt down, drug use will become the priority and melancholy, anger and resentment are all common place.

What to search for in a homosexual drug rehab:

The most important qualities in a gay drug rehab or homosexual dependancy treatment middle are found in having a body of workers this is touchy to the needs of the gay / lesbian population (non-homophobic ), a workforce trained clinically in how to great deal with their particular desires and a complete circle of relatives restoration application. Due to the truth that there is so much anger and disgrace inside the family unit a drug rehab or homosexual drug rehab wishes desires to have a strong own family issue. The own family therapist wishes to be skilled to maintain addiction remedy from dissolving into the identical kind of communique the couple has at home.

The problem of whether or not to are trying to find a lesbian/homosexual drug rehab, alcohol rehab or addiction treatment application is something for every couple to decide. There are many gay drug rehabs and drug rehabs with gay additives to select from, but it’s miles critical for you and your accomplice to do your homework. Ask questions of every drug rehab or gay drug rehab concerning staff credentials, licenses and the troubles they’re geared up to handle.

While a few of the elaborate dynamics that exist among lesbian and homosexual male couples are not drastically distinctive from their heterosexual counterparts, the problems may be pretty specific. A few of these are:

a. Inner and outside homophobia.

B. Baby custody

c. Coming out

d. Family problems

e. Sexuality

How a gay drug rehab help:

Often, couples come to homosexual dependancy remedy or gay drug rehab [http://www.Lakeviewfreedomrings.Com] with the unstated hope that remedy will alternate their associate and, when that occurs, their troubles will disappear. However, since the handiest character any of us can trade is ourselves, the paintings drug rehab is to understand our own dependancy and take responsibility wherein appropriate.
Some of the crucial dreams, except abstinence, of a gay drug rehab is to lessen shame, cope with internalized homophobia and find popularity. Don’t youngster your self, it takes time and willingness.